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Paulson Mailer Links Dyer to Rick Scott & Claims ‘Not Our Buddy’

In the increasingly contentious mayoral election, challenger Paul Paulson is slamming Buddy Dyer by linking the Democratic mayor to Republican Governor Rick Scot. Going even further, Paulson’s mailer essentially blames Dyer for “costing Crist and Democratic progressives the Governor’s mansion.” Which makes this whole thing more interesting considering Paulson is a… [read more]

Commissioner Says Orlando “Violating Process that Protects the Citizenry from Tyrannical Behavior”

In a troubling statement regarding City of Orlando public affairs, Commissioner Patty Sheehan decried the “tyrannical behavior” of Buddy Dyer’s City Hall. It seems Mayor Dyer’s planned demolition of historic Tinker Field was the tipping point for Commissioner Sheehan. “I can’t keep going on with violating process that protects the… [read more]