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SunRail Ridership Stuck at Low Levels

As SunRail enters the final stretch of its second year in service, the commuter train is still struggling to attract new riders. SunRail is servicing less than 2,000 people each day it runs, on average. According to the February Conductor’s Report, 3,673 total riders, or just over 1,800 round-trip commuters, were… [read more]

Report: Orlando Maglev Train Dead

Monorail systems typically end up as nothing more than the butt of jokes, and now the proposed Orange County Maglev train appears to be headed toward the same fate. While local leaders have spent years discussing a magnetic-levitation commuter rail system to connect the Orlando International Airport and the Orange County Convention… [read more]

Another Dip in SunRail Ridership

SunRail is still struggling to gain steam as the latest numbers showed a slight dip in ridership for the month of May. According to the May SunRail Conductor’s Report, the average daily ridership last month was only 3,636 boardings, or roughly 1,800 riders taking the train round-trip. Ridership is still far from where officials… [read more]