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Residents Urge City to Recognize Latino Activist Rico Piccard, Follow State Law (Videos)

The request to follow state law may seem simple, but the political wrangling is just beginning. Last year, the Florida legislature approved legislation, signed by the Governor into law, providing honorary designations of various roadways and transportation facilities while directing the Department of Transportation to install suitable markers. State Senator Darren Soto… [read more]

Cronyism in Orlando: WFTV Investigates Hiring of Dyer’s Unqualified Staffer

WFTV Eyewitness News Channel 9 investigated the cronyism in Orlando City Hall involving the hiring of Mayor Dyer’s unqualified former campaign manager for a $70k Community Venues position. WFTV 9 Investigates uncovered more damaging facts in the cronyism hiring, complicating the ongoing controversy. WFTV’s investigation picked up on two articles originally published… [read more]

Concerns Cloud New College Park Development

College Park residents should tune in to a newly proposed development that could reshape the neighborhood. On board from the Pollack Shores Real Estate Group is a 228-unit development of apartments for the College Park neighborhood in the area between Smith and Princeton, east of Edgewater. But for many residents who attended the community meeting on… [read more]