College Park to ‘Rethink the Princeton’ at Jan 12th Community Meeting

RTP petition pitch

Rethink the Princeton, community group fighting a new massive development planned for College Park, is appealing City Hall’s decision in court and organizing a grassroots effort.

College Park residents will gather for a January 12th informational community meeting hosted by Rethink the Princeton, a group currently appealing a recent City Hall development decision approving a massive new development for their neighborhood. The meeting will start at 7pm at the College Park Community Center (2393 Elizabeth Avenue), and organizers promise to keep the minute strictly to one hour maximum.

“Our goal is to update everyone on the lawsuit and where RTP is going in the future,” the group stated in an update to supporters. “We are aware that night is the National Championship Game. Please know the meeting will be held to an hour so you can be home for kick-off!”

The ongoing controversy stems from City Council approving The Princeton at College Park, a new massive development that will reshape College Park and change the character of the area. After the City Council voted, Rethink the Princeton did not back down – instead they organized to fight City Hall. The group’s lawsuit is still in the early stages and this meeting will let the community know where the effort is going and how to get involved in the upcoming months.

“We will give you some history of RTP and background on our lawyer, Ralf Brookes. We will tell you about the content of the appeals, and why we believe we have a good case. We will have an open panel discussion so you can ask questions and voice your concerns. You will hear from other RTP members about how to get involved and work for a more inclusive planning process for future smart growth and development.”

The new luxury apartments are being built by an out-of-town developer, Pollack Shores. There have been community concerns since residents learned of the planned project. The appeal is the latest step in the struggle, however it’s not the only focus of Rethink the Princeton. The group has long compared their situation to what is happening in other neighborhoods and communities, such as historic Parramore, and has warned similar could happen to other areas around the city in the near future. The group wants to focus on smart growth policies and work with others to continue engaging city residents.

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