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More About Future Gambling in Orange County as All Aboard Florida Controversy Continues

As opposition continues building in counties down the Florida coast between Orlando and Miami, the controversial All Aboard Florida proposal is also getting more scrutiny from media. WFTV Channel 9 Investigates exposed more details about the “casino express” high-speed train project. The excellent report connects a lot of dots and further illustrates… [read more]

Is SunRail Set Up to Fail?

As SunRail prepares to officially begin service on May 1, many questions around its potential success or failure remain. But one thing is sure, people need to let go of the idea that SunRail is a mega transportation solution or magical fix for Central Florida and Orlando, as Mayors Dyer… [read more]

Texting in Politics

Texting in politics. What a ridiculous issue to be talking about in Central Florida, especially this close to a major Presidential election. Perhaps texting about it would be more appropriate. We find ourselves caught up in what activists are trying to label “textgate” in Orange County. Citizens for a Greater… [read more]

United We Stand, Citizens United We Fall

It’s been six weeks since our obscure April 3 Election Day (yes, it’s over for all of you who missed it) and looking back there are a few key lessons to be learned already. First, big money in politics is ruining politics at every level.