Panorama Offers 360° View of Historic Tinker Field Before Demolition

In order to preserve a little piece of historic Tinker Field, I took a panorama Google Views image to capture a 360 degree shot of the field and grandstands before the planned demolition. The timing is sad, as according to reports, the grandstands are supposed to come down at 1pm today.

This panorama will ensure Tinker Field at least remains on the “virtual map” with Google. The image is taken from the pitcher’s mound where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his only speech in Orlando. Tinker Field was also one of America’s oldest baseball fields, with a century of history and memories. History will be lost when the City of Orlando demolishes the historic site all because Mayor Buddy Dyer and the City Council voted to tear it down and clear the site.

Mayor Dyer will use loaned money to demolish the historic grandstands and clear the entire site, including the trees, sending the City deeper into debt while destroying Orlando’s most historic public venue. Sadly, the historic site will now be used as a City parking lot for Citrus Bowl events and for controversial concerts and festivals.

For other images from around the historic site before the demolition, click here: Tinker Field photos (pre-demolition). For other articles chronicling the entire controversy, click here.

Goodbye, Tinker Field.

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