Orlando Commissioner: City “Wants to be a Conduit & Push Drugs” in Black Community

Ings Drugs EDC

VIDEO: Orlando Commissioner Sam Ings declares “the City of Orlando wants to be a conduit and push drugs” in the black community as he rips the Electric Daisy Carnival and efforts to demolish historic Tinker Field.

Orlando City Commissioner Sam Ings declared bold and damaging statements against the City of Orlando and Mayor Buddy Dyer’s plans to demolish historic Tinker Field earlier this month. The City will move forward to demolish the historic structures and create an open field for parking and concerts, specifically the Electric Daisy Carnival. But not before Commissioner Ings was very clear to residents about serious concerns.

“Our reason for tearing down such rich history is so that we can provide a clean field or venue for concerts, particularly the Electric Daisy concert,” Commissioner Ings stated at the March 9th City Council meeting. “Loud music disturbing the peace and calm of several black communities until midnight. A concert venue for drugs, drug abuse and partial nudity – all in the black community.”

“We in the black communities are fighting every day to get rid of illegal drugs but the City of Orlando wants to be a conduit and push drugs and a drug culture in the black community. All of this is done for the money,” the Commissioner added.

Commissioner Ings stated the Electric Daisy Carnival is “nothing more than a corporate rave” and called the event a “drug party.” The Commissioner also detailed media reports saying it was easy to find Molly or ecstasy at the Orlando concerts.

The Commissioner’s comments touched on the economic aspect to the deals being made by the Venues and Dyer administration. The Commissioner stated the economic profit benefits the City and “definitely not the black community.”

In addition to the negative drug and sexual elements involved with the Electric Daisy Carnival, Commissioner Ings also expressed concern that the City was erasing the history of Tinker Field for a once-a-year event. “And get this, the Electric Daisy only comes around once a year but Tinker Field has been with us always,” he said.

Commissioner Ings has been the most vocal on the Orlando City Council about saving historic Tinker Field and preserving the historic grandstands.

“The Electric Daisy is not here to provide any economic development for us – it’s all about them,” Commissioner Ings added. The reasons our community lost one of the most historic sites in Orlando are future parking for Citrus Bowl events and a concert festival Commissioner Ings states pushes a drug culture.

Commissioner Ings questioned “is this the image we want to portray in our community?”

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