Take a Look: Orlando’s Historic Tinker Field Re-Imagined as Parking Lot

Citrus Bowl longterm image

Orlando’s historic Tinker Field (bottom right in each photo) turns into a paved parking lot in Buddy Dyer’s long-term vision for Citrus Bowl area.

Take a look at Orlando’s historic Tinker Field re-imagined as a VIP parking lot for the Citrus Bowl. In this rendering from Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer’s “Community Venues Master Plan: Phase 3” from 2006, residents get a glance of how the city will remember 100 years of local history. It’s just a glimpse, but there it is.

There is still good reason to be confused at the city plans. The “long-term vision” rendering above was conveniently slipped in the “master plans” after several other versions of the plan which never touched Tinker Field.

There was a “short-term plan” and there was also a “long-term plan” for the Citrus Bowl which both include Tinker Field (pictured below). And then there was an “Alternative Scenario” and sure enough, there is Tinker Field. Only in a second alternative scenario does Tinker Field seemingly disappear into a 300-space parking lot for VIPs attending the Citrus Bowl.

Not included in these plans, of course, City Commissioner Robert Stuart’s proposal of painting an outline of the field on the asphalt as a solution. I guess local history and culture were the big losers in this deal.

Citrus Bowl shortterm image 1 Citrus Bowl longterm with Tinker

Citrus Bowl alternative plan Citrus Bowl alternative plan 2

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