‘For the People’ Attorney John Morgan Blasts Rep. Saunders’ Medical Marijuana Bill as Grandstanding

morgan joe 1“For the People” attorney and Democratic mega-donor John Morgan blasted Orlando state representative Joe Saunders for “grandstanding” and called Saunders’ proposed bill to legalize medical marijuana a publicity stunt. Morgan, of course, has been busy leading the effort that has secured a place on the November ballot for his medical marijuana initiative (including spending $4 million of his own money) and Saunders’ bill would pre-empt that vote by legalizing it without getting voters to weigh in.

“But here’s the news, it’s not gonna be. I’m a Democrat, Joe’s a Democrat. I think it’s grandstanding by Joe Saunders,” Morgan told My Fox Orlando.

Morgan added, “He [Saunders] never called me about it, so I won’t call him back either when he calls for campaign contributions.”

This makes one wonder if this will also impact the local Orange County Democratic Party and their fundraising. Joe Saunders’ legislative aide, Carlos Smith, is also the Chair of the local DEC. Think the Morgan & Morgan mega-donor plans on returning his calls after this?

For the whole story, watch the My Fox Orlando report here.

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