County Watch Sends Letter Demanding Preservation of Historic Site


County Watch, a local bi-partisan watchdog group, voted to send this letter to Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs & County Commissioners demanding the preservation of historic Tinker Field.

County Watch, a bi-partisan political watchdog group for transparency and responsibility in local government, voted over the weekend to send a letter to the Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs and the Board of County Commissioners, demanding Orlando alter current plans for the Citrus Bowl renovation to protect historic Tinker Field.

“We find it unacceptable to rename McCracken Field, Tinker Field and call it preserving history,” the letter states.

Last Friday, Commissioner Pete Clarke issued a memo becoming the first local official to publicly call on Mayor Jacobs to step in and take action to preserve the history of Tinker Field. Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer suddenly announced the destruction of the historic field last week for the first time.

The letter from County Watch asks for the following:

1. Request the BCC instruct the County Attorney to file for an injunction on any construction on the Citrus Bowl or Tinker Field until the plans have been altered to preserve Tinker Field in its current location. 

2. In addition that Orange County require the City of Orlando place Tinker Field on a protected Historic list to preserve the Field in its original and current location forever more.

3. Also that Orange County withhold any County or Tourism Tax monies on any and all venues that Orange County is contributing to in the City of Orlando until this has been accomplished and the BCC is satisfied on the compliance by the City of Orlando.

County Watch was founded in 1992 – for more information about County Watch, visit

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