The Soccer Lies Continue in Orlando – Attendance Fabricated All Year

OCS Attendance Chart_Sentinel

From the Orlando Sentinel.

Well, we already knew the Orlando City soccer team was lying about a lot of things, but now we have definitive proof that the team has been fluffing attendance numbers every single game of the year. I just called this out as reports that attendance was low and lots of free tickets were distributed came in from those at the first playoff game.

Even the Orlando Sentinel finally has gotten into the game on this issue, and printed an article on the soccer team touting attendance, but turnstile counts were far lower. And the soccer team now admits they give out free tickets all the time and count those towards attendance even if the tickets are never used.

So much for “record attendance.”

We now know for a fact that the Orlando City Lions do not have the attendance support needed to play in Major League Soccer and we already knew that there is no economic impact data showing sports stadiums will benefit the community.

We also know that Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs and Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer are consistently misrepresenting the truth behind this proposal. Worse, historic Parramore will face further gentrification if this deal passes.

I’m left to wonder who in the world would want to do business with someone who has fabricated, lied and misrepresented the truth during the entire proposal process. It’s no surprise “Not My Buddy” Dyer is a supporter of this – he is busy trying to gentrify historic Parramore and secure a legacy of buildings as he hides the reality he has bankrupted our city and wasted our tax dollars. But Jacobs is the most disappointing on this issue. I didn’t know she valued her political ambition and corporate supporters more than her service to our community.

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