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Orlando Election Complaint

Here is a copy of the Election Complaint against the City of Orlando regarding the 2012 Orlando municipal election, along with materials and records including a detailed description of the potential absentee ballot and ballot envelope fraud. 

Early Voting Starts in Florida

Early Voting has started today in Florida. Early Voting Centers will open Saturday, October 27th and close on Saturday, November 3rd and are open from 8am to 8pm. Find the location closest to you here. Orange County Supervisor of Elections will also be open on Sunday, November 4th from 10am-4pm for absentee… [read more]

Orange County Democrats’ Voting Guide

UPDATE: Know the Candidates (and party affiliations) in Orange – 2014 General Election — click here! UPDATE: Orange County Democratic Party candidates for August 26, 2014 — click here! I was very excited today to pick up my first batch of the Orange County Democratic Party Voting Guide! I’ll be doing my… [read more]

United We Stand, Citizens United We Fall

It’s been six weeks since our obscure April 3 Election Day (yes, it’s over for all of you who missed it) and looking back there are a few key lessons to be learned already. First, big money in politics is ruining politics at every level.