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Concerns Cloud New College Park Development

College Park residents should tune in to a newly proposed development that could reshape the neighborhood. On board from the Pollack Shores Real Estate Group is a 228-unit development of apartments for the College Park neighborhood in the area between Smith and Princeton, east of Edgewater. But for many residents who attended the community meeting on… [read more]

Sanford Still Suffers from Social Stigma

When the Trayvon Martin tragedy happened, thousands descended on Sanford in support of Trayvon, his family and justice. The entire nation tuned in, ready to join the conversation in our greater quest for justice and understanding.  I was a candidate for Mayor of Orlando at the time, and I picked… [read more]

Why Wekiva Won’t Work

Wekiva Parkway, also known as the most expensive highway in Central Florida history, has now passed all hurdles and the $1.66 billion road will be built. And it’s going to be a toll road once completed on top of the extreme price tag. Meaning, we the taxpayers are helping front… [read more]