Orlando Police Sued (Again): Unjustified Deadly Force in Karvas Gamble, Jr. Shooting

opd hq1UPDATE: Tanjila Lippett, mother of Karvas Gamble, Details Orlando Police Shooting That Killed Her Son (VIDEO)

It’s happening again. The Orlando Police Department is facing a new lawsuit as the Florida Civil Rights Association announced the Notice to Sue over the shooting death of Karvas Gamble, Jr. The police-involved shooting was a result of a controversial warrant-less “Knock and Talk” tactic utilized by OPD.

A grand jury from September 2013 stated: “Our conclusion bluntly is that this should not have happened.” From the West Orlando News:

The notice states in part that on or about January 15- 16, 2013, employees of the Orlando Police Department (OPD), including Officers Christopher Bigelow and Anthony Mongelluzzo, utilized a warrantless “Knock and Talk” tactic at 1327 West Arlington Street, Orlando, Florida, based on information from a confidential informant he had seen ten (10) pounds of cannabis there. During the “Knock and Talk” event, OPD officers did not simply walk up to the front door, knock, and speak with whomever answered the door. They instead surrounded the structure, hid in the backyard, looked inside windows, and were in places they had no lawful right to be. Officer Bigelow announced his presence while looking in from a back window – hardly a place one expects a normal visitor. It was from that spot Officer Bigelow used unjustified deadly force against the Claimant, Karvas Gamble, Jr.

Attorneys Kyan Ware and Shayan Elahi represent the Florida Civil Rights Association and Tanjila Lippett, the mother of victim, Karvas Gamble, Jr.

Sadly, this is nothing new for the Orlando Police, who seem to constantly use excessive force, including unnecessary lethal force. There are also many allegations of racial profiling, a practice that still exists in Orlando. Mayor Buddy Dyer just won’t talk about these issues either, which is part of the problem.

It’s also the opposite of what Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings recently told County Watch about his deputies. Sheriff Demings was proud that excessive use of force complaints against Orange County Sheriff’s deputies are “rare” and that taser use by Orange County deputies has also drastically decreased. It takes leadership and action to balance safety and justice, he added.

Leadership and action to balance safety and justice — none of which the City of Orlando is getting from Buddy Dyer.

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UPDATE: Tanjila Lippett, mother of Karvas Gamble, Details Orlando Police Shooting That Killed Her Son (VIDEO)

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