Community Group Fighting College Park Redevelopment Retains Lawyer

Rethink the Princeton 2

The controversial “Princeton” development has been scaled back, but residents are still concerned about the impact to College Park.

Concerned College Park residents are continuing their latest struggle against Orlando City Hall by retaining a lawyer and launching a legal defense fund to fight planned redevelopment of their neighborhood. According to Rethink the Princeton‘s latest update, the group has hired a law firm and already raised $1,260 online. The City has delayed the final vote on the controversial development proposal, which will now take place on November 3rd at 2pm.

The group’s pressure on Mayor Dyer and Commissioner Robert Stuart has already made an impact at City Hall and changed the proposed apartment complex. In September, the City Council scaled back the controversial development, but still moved the project forward in a rare 4-3 split vote from Commissioners. The group continues to rally residents as City Hall scrambles to push through another questionable project despite opposition from the community.

The massive development that is planned for College Park would drastically reshape the neighborhood and change the character of the area. The development would also have a major impact on the already busy Edgewater Drive and Princeton/Smith Street corridors. This is the latest struggle between residents around Orlando and City Hall, and College Park is sending their message as a citywide warning to all residents.

“Let them know that this vote is about more than just College Park and approving an apartment complex. It will also set a dangerous precedent in ALL districts because it allows a developer to ignore mixed-use requirements by simply “promising” to develop retail and commercial space at some unspecified date in the future.”

Concerns that have clouded this controversial development will continue ahead of the final vote. Before the scheduled November 3rd vote, residents can still send a message to the Mayor and City Council. To contact your officials:

Mayor Buddy Dyer

Commissioner Jim Gray

Commissioner Tony Ortiz

Commissioner Robert Stuart

Commissioner Patty Sheehan

Commissioner Regina Hill

Commissioner Samuel Ings

Rethink the Princeton hopes to raise $3,000 immediately through the GoFundMe page. The group says if there are any excess funds after the fight with City Hall, they will be donated to our local College Park Neighborhood Arts & Theater Center.

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