Buddy Dyer Delivers Insincere Statement on Tinker Field

buddy tinker comments1Like a child who was forced to make an apology for something he wasn’t sorry about, Buddy Dyer delivered hollow and disingenuous comments on historic Tinker Field ahead of the February 10th Council meeting.

In fact, it was so insincere that Buddy ends by smiling at the media and saying, “Ok, did you all get that?”

Two weeks ago, I told Mayor Teresa Jacobs and the Orange County Commission that Buddy Dyer delivered an insincere statement on Tinker Field and preserving the local history. Mayor Jacobs had mentioned she did not see or hear the comments, but she cited Dyer’s remarks numerous times as an indication the City and Dyer were going to do the right thing hopefully. Yeah, sure.

Dyer has no passion as he talks about the possibility of preserving local history, which should indicate he has no desire to actually preserve Tinker Field. Dyer clearly specifies that he has directed staff “not to move forward with the bleachers of Tinker Field” — and only the bleachers. He says the City will continue to rebuild McCracken Field across the street and mentions under his breath that maybe they can rename it “Tinker at McCracken Field.” Did Buddy really think this would make the public uproar and fallout over his demolition decision go away?

But Buddy also lied yet again when he talks about the possible future of baseball at Tinker Field. Mark Popkin, General Manager of the Orlando Monarchs baseball team that played at Tinker Field prior to the Citrus Bowl construction, testified to the Orange County Commission that baseball can still be played at Tinker Field even if Dyer takes part of the outfield as the Venues Agreement dictates for the Citrus Bowl.

So Dyer basically admits he will continue to do exactly what he planned to do – demolish Tinker Field, destroy the local history and move ahead with his re-development projects.

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