$106 Million More in Debt for MLS Stadium, Police HQ Relocation Uncovered by WFTV Channel 9 News

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Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer clearly didn’t like getting questioned about his latest planned debt. Dyer’s rudeness is another sign he has been in office too long. (WFTV Channel 9 Eyewitness News: 9 Investigates: Orlando to incur $106M in debt, 9/26/14)

WFTV Channel 9 Investigates uncovered the City of Orlando’s plans to incur $106 million more in debt related to the new MLS soccer stadium and the police headquarters relocation. The City Commissioners will likely approve Dyer’s request for new debt, even at a time when the City is raising taxes and cutting services due to a budget crisis.

But Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer sure didn’t like being questioned about this new controversial debt. In fact, Dyer’s rudeness on camera is a sign he has been in office for too long. Check out the WFTV interview here. The Mayor’s attitude, arrogance and behavior is embarrassing to the office and insulting to the media and public.

The new planned $40+ million dollar police headquarters is only needed because of the bad deal the City made with the Orlando Magic to clear the way for their new entertainment area. In addition to being a major financial loss for the City, the Magic deal will now cost residents and taxpayers even more money over the years because of Dyer’s new debt for related projects.

But making matters worse, Buddy Dyer and the City of Orlando just cut police and fire budgets by $11 million. Now we learn the City will go further in debt on top of the cuts to their budgets and our services. Dyer even plans to use $30 million from the $106 million to refinance old debt. That’s like maxing out a credit card and opening a new one to pay it off.

WFTV earlier uncovered hidden costs of at least $15 million related to the planned Major League Soccer stadium move.  The City is also essentially wasting another $5 million it spent on the Parramore Pond it will have to demolish and fill for the MLS stadium.

All of this spending in a time of debt and budget cuts makes one question, why can’t the City of Orlando find any money for historic Tinker Field, which Dyer continues to eye for demolition.

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