WFTV Exposes Hidden Costs to Move MLS Soccer Stadium

WFTV Channel 9 Investigates’ Lori Brown broke major news ahead of the City of Orlando’s budget hearing and vote on Monday night. WFTV breaks down more of the hidden costs associated with Dyer’s hasty decision to move the proposed soccer stadium, costing taxpayers millions more. As the City prepares to increase property taxes by 17.7% and cut public services, Mayor Dyer intends to spend at least $15 million more in public funds to clear the way for the new MLS team’s stadium. This is a must-see report!

WFTV Mike Cantone Parramore Pond Costs


From WFTV Channel 9‘s report:

“It’s outrageous to think our taxes are being increased, our services are being cut, all while the city is spending millions on projects like this,” said Mike Cantone, with Orange County Tax Watch.

“I think the mayor has been dishonest,” said Cantone. “Are they fighting for taxpayers, or are they fighting for private millionaires?”

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