Initial Response to Dyer “Considering Run for Governor” – Letter to Editor

Local Orlando news coming out of the DNC Convention in Charlotte included numerous media reports covering Mayor Buddy Dyer’s comments that he was considering a run for governor. During my run for Mayor, we knew Dyer had ambition for higher office and I tried to get him to sign my pledge to serve a full 4-year term if elected. Not only did Mayor Dyer not sign the pledge, he repeatedly lied to the face of voters, at the debates and to the Orlando Sentinel Editorial Board by saying he did not need to sign a pledge and he would serve all four years. Then what are you considering, Mayor?

Here is a copy of the letter to the editor which was published by the Orlando Sentinel:

Dyer wouldn’t sign pledge to full term

In response to the Sentinel article “Dyer won’t rule out run for governor” on Friday: It is clear the mayor is seriously considering leaving Orlando just six months after our municipal elections.

I do not fault Mayor Buddy Dyer for his ambition to seek higher office. He carries a legislative record in Tallahassee and many successes to tout like his various spending projects around downtown. I do fault Dyer for not being able to tell us the truth.

I ran for mayor to propose new policies at a time when it is clear that we are headed in the wrong direction. I ran because I believe the leadership of our city is not focused on the people of our city. The principles and conviction that defined our community-based grass-roots campaign are what Orlando need, not the self-ambition of our elite leadership.

Dyer repeatedly refused to sign my pledge to serve Orlando for a full term, insisting his word was all we needed. Every other candidate signed my pledge. The mayor’s arrogant behavior hurts our community and hurts our democratic process.

If Dyer’s repeated claims were so unequivocal, then what’s to even consider? As Dyer ponders the details of his run for higher office, our work for progress in Orlando goes on. Once Dyer makes his decision, we can begin to move forward together and put the people of Orlando first once again.

Mike Cantone Former candidate for Orlando mayor

(Again, my published letter is the 2nd letter in the batch found here.)

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