Parramore Residents Stand Against Gentrification in Orlando

Yesterday, more Parramore residents stood up against the gentrification occurring in Orlando. It is sad to see that elected “Democrats” like Mayor Buddy Dyer and our city council members prefer gentrification and corporate welfare in the shape of another $100+ million MLS soccer stadium over the people they are elected to serve. WFTV covered the action on Orlando City Hall (video below):

Parramore residents are concerned that the city is displacing poor residents with an influx of developments in Parramore for the middle class.

“How long will the habitat homeowners, subsidized homeowners how long will they have in their homes before they are forced to move out?” said Parramore homeowner Coronet Scarbourgh.

They said the case in point is Creative Village. When it opens, rent is expected to be five times higher than the average rent is now.

WFTV parramore march screenshot

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