Know the Candidates in Orange County: 2014 Election

The primaries are long over now and absentee ballots will be mailed soon for the 2014 November General Election. Candidates appearing on Orange County ballots are listed below, and all are linked to the candidates’ sites. Candidate party affiliations are also listed. Check out the differences and make the best informed decision for each race.

Congratulations to Democratic State Representatives Vic Torres and Randolph Bracy who were unopposed in their re-election.

The candidate order is listed as they will appear on the ballot, per Orange County Supervisor of Election sample ballots. For all of the judicial candidates and the ballot questions including the Constitutional amendments, the Charter amendments and the special referendum click here.

United States Representative (Congress)
District 5:
Glo Smith (Republican)
Corrine Brown (Democrat)

District 7:
John Mica (Republican)
Wes Neuman (Democrat) – not campaigning
Al Krulick (NPA) – also seeking Dem support

District 8:
Bill Posey (Republican)
Gabriel Rothblatt (Democrat)
Write-In Candidate

District 9:
Carol Platt (Republican)
Alan Grayson (Democrat)
Marko Milakovich (NPA)

District 10:
Daniel Webster (Republican)
Michael McKenna (Democrat)
Write-In Candidate

Governor / Lieutenant Governor
Rick Scott (Republican) / Carlos Lopez-Cantera 
Charlie Crist (Democrat) / Annette Taddeo
Adrian Wyllie (Libertarian) / Greg Roe
Farid Khavari (NPA) / Lateresa A. Jones
Glenn Burkett (NPA) / Jose Augusto Matos

Attorney General
Pam Bondi (Republican)
George Sheldon (Democrat)
Bill Wohlsifer (Libertarian)

Chief Financial Officer
Jeff Atwater (Republican)
William “Will” Rankin (Democrat)

Commissioner of Agriculture
Adam Putnam (Republican)
Thaddeus Thad Hamilton (Democrat)

State Senator
District 12:
Edward DeAguilera (Republican)
Geraldine F. Thompson (Democrat)
District 14:
Darren Soto (Democrat)
Devin Norton (NPA)

State Representative
District 30:
Bob Cortes (Republican)
Karen Castor Dentel (Democrat)

District 44:
Eric Eisnaugle (Republican)
Matthew Falconer (NPA)

District 46:
Bruce Antone (Democrat)
Write-In Candidate

District 47:
Mike Miller (Republican)
Linda Stewart (Democrat)

District 49:
Rene “Coach P” Plasencia (Republican)
Joe Saunders (Democrat)

Clerk of the Courts (Special Election)
Eduardo “Eddie” Fernandez (Republican)
Tiffany Moore Russell (Democrat)

County Commissioner
District 2:
Alvin Moore (Democrat)
Bryan Nelson (Republican)

District 6:
Victoria Siplin (Democrat)
Derrick “Shine” Wallace (Democrat)
School Board Chair
Bill Sublette (Republican)
Write-In Candidate
School Board Member
District 3:
Regina Hellinger (Democrat)
Linda Kobert (NPA)
Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisor
Group 2:
Tim Adams (Democrat)
Steven L. Beumer (Democrat)
Timothy D. Blevins (Republican)
Daisy Morales (Democrat)
Group 4:
Brian Fenn (Republican)
Eric M. Rollings (Democrat)

2014 Orange County judicial candidates and ballot questions including Constitutional amendments, Charter amendments and special referendum

Click here for the 2014 Orange County Democratic Party Voting Guide.

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