Know the Candidates: 2016 General Election

election2016After months of campaigning, knocking on doors, calling voters and of course a large supply of mailers and all the TV ads voters could stomach, Election Day 2016 is almost here. Ahead of the important 2016 general election on November 8th, here’s a quick recap of all the candidates running for office who will appear on Orange County ballots and a link to their campaign websites and/or social media.

Click here for the 2016 Judicial Candidates, Constitutional Amendments & Charter Amendments

Be sure to check out the candidates before voting:

United States Senator:

United States Representative:

District 7
John Mica (R)
Stephanie Murphy (D)

District 8
Bill Posey (R)
Corry Westbrook (D)
Bill Stinson (NPA)

District 9
Wayne Liebnitzky (R)
Darren Soto (D)

District 10
Thuy Lowe (R)
Val Demings (D)

State Senator:

District 13
Dean Asher (R)
Linda Stewart (D)

State Representative:

District 30
Bob Cortes (R)
Ryan Neal Yadav (D)

District 31
Jennifer Sullivan (R)
Robert Rightymyer (D)

District 47
Mike Miller (R)
Beth Tuura (D)

Clerk of Courts:
Tiffany Moore Russell (D)
Daisy Arus (NPA)

Spike Hopkins (R)
Jerry Demings (D)

Property Appraiser:
Edward DeAguilera (R)
Rick Singh (D)

Supervisor of Elections:
Bill Cowles (D)
Della Davis (NPA)

County Commissioner:

District 5
Emily Bonilla (D)
Ted Edwards (R)

School Board
District 7
Matthew Fitzpatrick
Christine Moore

Don’t forget to vote! Election Day is November 8, 2016.

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